Unity3D Asset Flipper

Create an infinite amount of reskinned games in a matter of minutes.

Inspired by this talk on Youtube:

1,500 Slot Machines Walk into a Bar: Adventures in Quantity Over Quality

I replicated their system without the ads, tracking or uploading. The tool replaces title, music, background image and about text using public data and APIs. If you want to use this tool youself Get it on Github!

It's simple, really

If you think about reskinning a game, what do you have to do?

1. Replace the title

If you don't at least change it a little bit people are going to notice really fast.

2. Replace some artwork

In my case it's the background image of a flappy-bird game, a single 2D texture. I pick a *'relevant' image by pulling a random image tagged with the game title from a stock image site.

3. New and exiting story

Flappy bird has no story and that is good as good story generation is not a trivial task, but just making it an 'educational' game by taking the Wikipedia summary of the theme and inserting it is easy.

4. Catchy music

I active some outrageously badinteresting results by taking a very bad loop i made in a free synthesizer and overlaying Google TextToSpeech over it.

Hey, why not try it?

The source code, assets and the flappy bird game template* can be found on Github.
The Unity project is too big for github [>500mb] and is therefore hosted on this server.