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Welcome to All the questions nobody ever asked but look good in an FAQ I just took some generic questions and those whos answer makes me look smart and am now proud to present you you, dear reader:

1. Who are you?

Hello there anonymous net-ninja behind the screen allow me to inroduce myself:

I'm Stevetec - a junior web dev doing IT as a hobby (for now). I build whatever i can come up with if it's possible. A collection of projects can be found on this page, the gravejard of projects, dead or abandoned, will not be shared as the list would reach too far.

My main thing is software but i also like music theory and other mathematical systems. The (unholy?) union of those interests is where i like to spend free time: Algorythmic/Procedural art and automation of creativity.

2. Why should I use your tools?

Most tools are born out of the realization that, as a 'Neuland-magier' (a german meme reference, meaning programmer) i can build the stuff i need just like i want them. For example my openshare app was build because i dont have AirDrop on my GrapheneOS device and needed a dead simple file transfer system.

The connection behind this tool and the other ones like presEngine is their simplicity. No settings to tweak no complicated UI, just a single job done well enough to work.

TL;DR: These tools are designed to be simple. if you need something fast there you go.

3. Can I trust you with my files/data?


As weird as it sounds and and as damaging to my goals as it is, it's still undeniably true. You cant trust my code to not be backdoored, or that it does what it says. It's the same with me as with any other cloud/SaaS provider: There is no way for 3rd parties to verify my claims and the best I can offer to you is a commitment to being honest.

4. Why Javascript?

Because it runs anywhere. On your phone, your moms laptop or the most epic gaming-battlestation or the low-end IoT (and let's all not forgett all the cloud stuffs like Lambdas or workers etc). This versatility allows JS to be 'the true java' - it really runns everywhere. Another reason is that the ability to run JS in the browser, the only truely universal enviroment coupled with all the frameworks and ecosystem is just pleasant. no need to build everything 3 times with complicated UI frameworks.

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