Name: Stephan/Steve
Main progaming language: Python
Interests: Programming, IT-security/ 'hacking', Automation

Motivations and Goals

Why automate stuff?

Being effective at automating procedures or workflows reuires a more or less deep understanding of all components and how the interconnect, as well as an understanding of automation frameworks/tools. One can therefore reason that building a usefull automation can be seen as a way to learn system modeling, software design and all other needed software/hardware componets.


For an example see Projects->Python->Video Generator->Example Video. The Character animation and skin are procedural so one can build a divese set of loops in no time. Building this required knowlege of python,blender,blender materials/shader-nodes and more. By automating the process I learned some basics about all of these areas even if the end product is never used again.

Hack all the things

IT-security is an important part of development, especially when building APIs or other things accessable by anyone. Knowing about common attacks and how to protect a system will lead to a saver/better expirience for everyone. Sites like TryHackMe or HackTheBox make it easy to learn cypersecurity in a legal and save way, while CTF [Capture the Flag] and KOTH [King of the hill] turn learning from dry theory into a game-like expirience .
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