About me

I am a student from germany building code for world domination to learn new things and have fun. Most projects are Utility systems, Procedural or Template driven content creation engines or just pretty to look at.


My main language is python, followed by javascript and the other web languages [html, css], but I am constantly trying new technology stacks, languages and frameworks.

A list of Frameworks and libraries:

A non-exaustive list of frameworks and technologies i have experience with:

Framework Language Description
Pygame Python A robust, 100% python 2d graphics library
MongoDB Used with python A fast NoSQL database with bindings in many languages
Hugo Go A extremely fast and flexible static page generator written in go
Bootstrap CSS A frontend framework for responsive, mobile-first websites
A list of topics i am interested in, sorted by subjective interest:

Contact me!

Email: stephan@wiechers.eu
Message me on discord: Stevetec#6256