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The EasyServ Webserver uses the EJS Templating-engine as well as many other packages to provide everything required to build websites as fast as possible.

The goal of EasyServ is not to be 'yet another full project framework' but to do one thing and one thing good: provide a solid base to build static websites.

The tool provides many of the features of express (like dynamic routing) but adds useful utilities like markdown rendering as prebuilt functions because they are often used and repeating yourself is bad especially if the time is limited.


This is NOT a production server, it is not well optimized or secured, files are reloaded every time and no caching is used. while this ensures the results to be always up-to-date to the templates and content it has some performance and IO consequences.

To build for production do a static export of your page and serve the resulting compiled pages.


Get the server and all docs here. To prove the robustness of this tool: the very page you are on right now was build using it.