Intro to AI

A simple overview of neural networks

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An intro to Machine learning

Part 0: why?

To quote the opening of my text:

In our world that is more and more governed and influenced by thinking machines, machines that shape everything around us, from our social media feeds, our cars and even medicine, having a basic idea about what goes on inside is highly relevant for a modern human.

TL;DR: I would have wanted this instead of the usual marketing buzzword-bingo when I asked myself how it is possible to teach machines. And because i had nothing better to do at the time.

Part 1: how?

I started, as one does, by outlining my ideas and concept, then stated writing and editing as I went along. The page layout was created using simple HTML and CSS (going old-school for once!) and then progressively enhanced using particle.js, AOS and a bit of custom JavaScript for the buttons.

Part 2: Target audience

My target audience is anyone who wants to get a broad picture view without all the useless bloat. Due to this some areas are oversimplified or just ignored.