Presentations in an instant

Presentations in an instant

Simple slidedecks for people with deadlines


Build for speed this tool aims to make long Slidedeck building a thing of the past.


From the help page:

Every paragraph, a block of text seperated by an empty line, is a slide.

A slide is just Markdown being rendered.


If you ever had to build slidedecks under pressure of a deadline that is counted in minutes you know how fustrating it can be to get PowerPoint or any other software to do what you want fast (or if you only have a mobile phone to get a tool that does slides). At this point it no longer matters how many animations and effects you can layer but how good your content is. Basically, it's the tool i would've needed at that moment.


If broken down it's not complicated at all, the pipeline goes a bit like this:


Let's be honest, I did not come up with the concept on my own, i adapted it from, though the app doesn't do full markdwon and has a few differences to my version in how images work.