WPG v0.1

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WPG v0.1

The aim of this project is to enable people that need a very simple web-page to create 'ok-ish' pages with no code required.

Target audience:

This tool is not aimed at devs but at those that just need something simple. Basically anyone who needs to have a website but doesn't want to learn HTML, css etc. or pay someone to build a simple page.

How it works:

The WPG interface is basically just a HTML-form with some styling added (and some JS to hide deactivated parts). This design allows anyone to use it, even without running JS in the browser.

This form is supmitted to the generator-endpoint that uses an EJS-template and injects the user given data. The rendered HTML is then send to the user.


Because I could

Well sort of. The inspiration for this tool was a bunch of requests to build very simple static pages, and because i like to automate things that don't need to be automated. And as you can see, i did.