The Buzzword-crowd

The wrong way to fit in

The Buzzword-crowd

This is another one of my rage-posts. It’s about people (or idiots, in the following) that chase buzzwords and do whatever is “in” this second just to appear like they have a clue (they don’t). I apologize for the strong language.

Part 0: How did we get here?

Did you ever have the experience of naming some technology or game or whatever and the other person - without reading any docs or reviews, without evaluation the thing they are now using, in other words: without thinking - installing it. No? Well lucky you then. I for once had this happen many times, one too often now. I don’t think this problem is common to be honest. It’s just my theory that morons clump together and if you accidentally engage with one then it just continues down the deep end. The person that got me to write this has done this “the install is running before the sentence ends” many times while the bulk of people are not doing this at all.

Part 1: Excuse me, what?

You may be confused, you have all right to be confused, because this is a confusing thing. It makes no sense. I don’t know why some decide to behave in this “typing then thinking” (aka. “ass backwards”) way of live. The idea to not think about your actions and just do whatever because it may yield some theoretical temporary social reward (I will elaborate this later) is outright insulting to most normal people.

Part 1.2: Theoretical temporary social reward

Why would a rational actor decide to pass on their neurons and irrationally indulge in an action before any parameters are known? Why would someone with a working brain start using a technology the second it is brought up and then drop it after 5 minutes when the lightest problems/RTFM-moments start to arrive?

My current working theory is that of the stated “theoretical temporary social reward” - the theory that, in the mind of said actor, immediate irrational self-alignment with the currently discussed object should result in affection in the way of introduction into the relevant “ingroup”.A secondary assumed effect is the assumed indirect conclusion that is thought to go off in the speakers head by our moron: “if I am using it and I’m smart then this new person must smart as well”.

The TL;DR would be: The idiot assumes that "if i use this *now* then I will be seen as intelligent by indirect links" is true. This is false.

Part 2: So why does this happen?

I don’t know why this happens but I would assume that in an age of virtue-signalling [ read my rant “Signaling compassion” here ] this idea of the “quick and easy” reaction is applicable. The concept I explained in “Signaling compassion” that an action may be believed to be good but is actually less than worthless is a common misconception could be to blame again. The bumbling buffon we are discussing right now seem to believe that signalling immediate high interest in a thing they never once heard about before is going to fast-track them into a) knowing stuff about it b) gaining the social gains form being perceived as knowledgeable.

Part 3: How to fix it

I’ve tried informing the incompetent when they do a retardism in this style - to no avail. In one extreme case there is no change after multiple separate incidents in which i have tried to bring it up. They have resulted in comments that where 180° off what one would expect and in some cases where so dumb that the only explanation that came to mind was a massive void in their head that has removed all brain-cells.

A fix would require the n00b to realize that the strategy isn’t working re start and value planning documents, strategies or “thinking before doing” in general. Maybe the only solution is to get away from these people. If that doesn’t work or is impossible then tough luck.

Part 4: Conclusion

To all readers that are massively confused as to why this exists: I was quite aggravated at time of writing and had to get rid of the anger less I explode. This state of mind should explain how this article happened - I don’t want to persuade you of my divine logic or analyse people (although i’ve tried it here) - i just wanted to vent.

Some people just act before they think and then start to ask the most stupid of questions (questions like “Can Jekins run a Minecraft server?!”) as if they didn’t just hear the name and read 5 words of homepage-text.