Hello world!

My problems with loose ends

Hello Wold

This is going to be a mix of the stereotypical “look my first post!1!” and a short summary on how we, or more how I got here.

Part 1: F1rSt p0sT!

I’ve got a new site! It’s so damn amazing, build with Hugo and Tailwind from a custom theme, it’s so fancy. I really like it, even more than the last 10 no wait 11… scratch that I of course meant 12 versions. This is stevetec.de version 13.

Part 2: How did we get here?

After years of building, tinkering (oh how I hate this realization) and getting nowhere new I decided it’s time to do something. So I grabbed the first tech I tried and dropped for being “boring” or “overly complex” and tried using it again. The choice fell on Hugo - the static page gen. Now the only thing left to pick is a project, something to throw this new tool against. The it hit me like a train (excuse me the joke please…) - I’m going to get myself a new, fancy homepage to replace the old, janky, slow and all round terrible easyserv framework (now archived into the endless void of my recycle bin) I build with something better, something - dare i say it - professional. The only problem is: that’s literally the same thing I said the last time, and the one before. I’m always switching from one solution to the next, never finishing what got started, never satisfied, never resting. It’s the result of a thing i like to call…

The ‘ooh shiny!’-syndrome

This thing that I so sloppily labeled a syndrome boils down to this:

A condition that makes the unbaked, untested, unchecked greenfield project build from rambling ideas look 100x cooler than anything currently available to complete.

The symptoms run deep, they make those who got it unbearable at times (or at least for me it’s the case), because even if there are friends, people or commitments attached it gets the mind fired up thinking of what could be, not what is, or what has to be.

I don’t have a solution for this unfortunate situation I find myself in.Don’t get me wrong though, I am still very much able to do long-form projects, I just get sidetracked with idealisms and dreams of what-could-be.


Well this went somewhere beyond the rails and fast… I hope you where enlightened or at least entertained by my ramblings and I wish y’all (and you - yes, embrace the cheesiness for once ,ok? you personally) a great rest of the day.

- Steve