Example page


Flat design

Flat design is the art of building pages without using shadows. You use contrasting colors and margins instead.

High speed dev

This example uses Tailwind for fast and consistent styling and EasyServ with some custom plugins for ease of content dev. This stack allows anyone to rapidly prototype designs and functions because the boring work is already done. Read more


Using a custom plugin all images are converted into lightboxed images, if you click on them they open in full size


Mixins for added flavour

Using the EasyServ provided render utility one can inject EJS into markdown and get the full power of EJS with all availiable utils and plugins fgrom inside the comfort of markdown.

Why this?

This page exists as as part of my 'design experiments' collection, a place to see what i can come up with when not constrained to the design system of my main page. As such this page should be treated as such, an example/demo of a design, not a fully build out website

Example cats

Everyone loves kittens, so i got some for this example, floof it up a bit.

These are not part of the markdown doc and are therefore not lightboxed