Python is the first language I learned and am most familiar with. I use python whenever possible because it can do almost anything at a reasonable speed and enables rapid prototyping. Some python projects can be found here: Projects --> Python


I learned JavaScript as a byproduct of my interest in web-based procedural generation. Trying to learn many tecnology stacks lead to me trying "JavaScript everywere", meaning Javascript in the Browser and on he server using Nodejs. An example of client-side Js can be found here: Projects --> Animated Trees.

ShellScript | Powershell

If needed I can make it work somehow. I know the basic concepts and command structures, how pipes work and a few things about linux and Windows commands and tools.
I do not use shell scripting often, only for simple tasks or automation, but try to find the best solution. You can get the listed examples on my github:
[Shell script] cat /dev/urandom to all shells, makes users go away
[Powershell] replaces the Windows background image and kills itself
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