Decentralized Clock

An unnecessarily complex 7-segment clock

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Decentralized Clock

The only correct way to count down the year is, as everybody knows - an overly complicated and delicate system that depends on way too many variables. The only question that remains now is: How do you build a rube-goldberg-style clock?

The display

Why use a single screen if you can use seven? Therefore this system uses seven mobile phones layed on a table as segments.

Time management

Because one cannot trust/get 7 system-times to line up (believe me I tried it) the state has to be server managed (only one clock on that thing), so the clients get degraded to being not much more than way overbuild LEDs.


The way i push state to the connected clients is simple: The state gets broadcasted (7 color values) and the device reacts to whatever index it was assigned to.

The end.

What? that's it?

Yes. This was build up only hours before new years eve,out of boredom, what do you expect?

Anyway have a great rest year/month/day/evening or whatever unit of time you prefer.


The code isn’t on Github, it’s not good enough for that and would only collect dust there.

i don’t see why anyone would like to use this thing but if you want to take this .zip download