Musical Musings

Hear what happens when a dev throws MIDI at their screens

Musical Musings

I try to produce music as a hobby on the side. I’m in no way capable of doing it but you got to start somewhere. If you like what you hear then great! if not, well, i’m sorry i guess.


I had this grove in my head and free time on my hands... listen for yourself.


'tis was saturday and I was bored, end of story.


Main menu music for a game build as a school project.


A pice of music I composed out of boredom on a school trip.


The cheesy I-V-vi-IV progression because I'm not creative and this sounds ok-ish


Title says it all: It was late, I couldn't sleep. Behold: a monster.

Doodle#005 (v3)

I should be learning for my exams but couldn't motivate myself. Did this instead.


Sketches and rough ideas, parts and phrases that didn’t make a whole song, even for my low standards.


An exploration into what happens when note-length keeps halving with layering.


Is this groovy? Don't know but I couldn't get the melody out of my head, here it is.


Building chords and a simple beat sufficed to make this ok enough to publish.


Literally just a small idea I had, it seems familiar but I just can't point to where it's from.


I have no clue what I am doing so if any of the above was… well… not good, then all I can say is: i warned you. I, for whatever reason, any of the songs was to you liking then… (i’ve written myself into a corner, help).