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A collection of memes from the discord of the Rollen mit den Besten podcast, a german Pen&Paper podcast for ‘Beginners and Veterans alike’.

Wait there is more!

You not only get a list of outdated memes, no! you also get:


Now to the interesting parts: ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’


This Question is answered quite simply by stating that I am now the proud (sole) owner of the ‘Hackerman’ role on their discord, but it all started out of an evenings boredom.


The Main app is written using the VueJS web-framework to implement reactively re-rendering on filter changes and the data is sourced from a JSON file that i populated myself over a few episodes and good music. memes.json reference file. The CSS framework is Bulma.io.

The Politics page

It’s a single static HTML file, nothing fancy there, the CSS framework used is Tailwind.

The Bubblewrap page

Another static html file with vanilla JS to load, parse and populate the bubbles and handle their popping. This time i build the CSS from scratch without using a framework.