The right tools for any job.



A list of languages, frameworks and tools I use

The list is non-exhaustive and will expand over time.

JavaScript All the way

One language to rule them all

Everything will eventually become JavaScript and I’m prepared for it.

Technology Description Logo/Homepage
Typescript Typed JavaScript at any Scale. Typescript Logo
EJS (+express) Embedded JavaScript templates EJS Logo
Node.js Server-side JS runtime NodeJS Logo
Vue (+Nuxt) Progressive JavaScript Framework Vue Logo The fastest and most reliable real-time engine Socketio Logo


Web-design tools and systems

From Component-frameworks to full on DIY-style designs in straight CSS i got it covered.

Technology Description Logo/Homepage
Bootstrap Plug'n' play responsive CSS Bootstrap Logo
Sass CSS with superpowers Sass Logo
Tailwind Rapidly build designs with utility classes Tailwind Logo

Data storage

Persistance and caches

Always using the correct data storage solution for the job.

Technology Description Logo/Homepage
Redis High speed db, cache, and message broker Redis Logo
MongoDB Document-based, distributed database MongoDB Logo