The web, corner-side up

Flip your idea corner side up!

Hello, world.

I am Stevetec, an aspiring Web/Fullstack dev throwing stuff at the internet to see what works. Below you can find a few of my projects and other references that might be interesting.


A selection of projects i’ve worked on over the years. They include many a thing, mostly focussed on web technologies but you may find the odd straggler here or there.

Musical Musings

Hear what happens when a dev throws MIDI at their screens

Card maker

Digital message-card generator

Decentralized Clock

An unnecessarily complex 7-segment clock

Neural networks visualized

A beginners guide to AI


A podcast memes exposition


Procedural images made easy


Learn Webdev the fun way


The rambly bits, a hot mess of all things i want to talk about, whenever i feel like it. No schedule, no theme, no plan.

I can promise neither quality nor quantity, so be warned, it’s most likely opinion-pieces and stuff i am not qualified to talk about but do because i can. Have fun.

Encrypted dystopia

Crypto and "hype based currencies"

Custom ROMs

My opinions after a few years of using one

Hello world!

My problems with loose ends

Privacy ramblings

About the new oil that powers our world

Signaling compassion

An unpopular opinion about social media behavior

The Buzzword-crowd

The wrong way to fit in

Unexpected Costs

Scaling starts in the mind