Who even is that guy?


Who is he?

Aright, lets stop using third person… Hello there.

I’m Stevetec, a junior web dev and student building code because it’s fun. I do JavaScript (and TypeScript), Python and, if required for some ungodly reason I might even be able to get Java to behave.

My interests are in the area of Systems-design and architecture, focusing on the why and what of an idea. Basically if it’s “Create this crazy idea” vs “Build this component” I’d choose the first one almost all the time.

What, why?

Well, you see in the beginning I started building apps and software by myself but then, over the years, realized that Strategy and Management are great as well, actually. I was indirectly moved into this corner by somehow becoming “management-type” in every group in school without actively trying and then realizing that it’s not that bad.

About Stevetec

(Sorry, 3rd party just sounds… fancy. i’ll stop now).

You might be surprised to not find much in the way of “hobbies xyz, birthday at …” and so on anywhere. There is a simple reason for it and it’s the reason i’m not going to change that here:

  • Privacy is kind of cool if you think about it
  • It shouldn’t matter what sports I do, that’s not the point
  • You are not my friend, nor is the Internet. *


For details on how to get in touch you can have a look here