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Want to stick out in a crowd?

Then you are exactly where you need to be. Hi! I'm Stevetec, your friendly internet magician to help you show the world all the wacky and wonderful stuff you get up to and make it look great in the process.

I'm here to help you!

My mission is to free people from those hideous templates that all look the same no matter how "customized" they are, because if you want real customization you'll have to bust out your code editor of choice and do it yourself.

And while "everyone has to write code" makes great clickbait it's also completely ridiculous. I therefore propose this: You leave the coding stress up to me and focus on what you actually want to do: to produce value for clients.

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Examples of my work

Because we all know that you can tell lots and show nothing, and because i believe in "Talk is cheap, show me the code!" — here's a short selection of finished pages and other mildly relevant things I constructed:
Dynapict (dead) (german)
School Stuff


While I love what I'm doing one cannot survive on the warm and fuzzies alone. These prices are not final and may update as my availability and circumstances change.

To make it easier to do billing and to manage expectations here's how my pricing works for now: websites are generally made from multiple sections (headers, grids, etc.) with transitions and decorative elements added on top as well as interactive features. Generally the more you pay the more features you can get.

Note that these prices are guidelines and negotiable within reason based on scope. I reserve the right to deny impossible requests or those that go against basic human decency, use your brains and when in doubt it's likely a no, sorry.



The cheapest offer, you get a page in line with your brand but generally nothing too experimental or out there. The perfect way to replace that ugly template linktree or landing-page



A lame single-page site just doesn’t suffice to fill your needs? Don’t dismay, get some more pages today!

With consistent styling between whatever you decide put on them you can avoid the awkwardness of trying to coerce different templates into a unified identity. (The more pages you need the more expensive it gets obviously)

Booster: Interactivity


You like it when things move and groove? With animated elements, transitions and all that fun stuff? (Be that over the top or just some small decals).

If the answer is yes then this is exactly what you need.

Booster: Tomfoolery+


Particles? Over-the-top text effects? Full-page animated flying unicorns on fire? You have a wacky idea you just need to have but it would require a different way of architecting and design? As the master of bad ideas i can help you with bringing the fun side to live. I’m no magician though and reserve the right to deny a request if it’s too complex or impossible to pull off.

Booster: Hosting


Don’t want to deal with servers? As long as the pages don’t get bombarded with traffic you can just ride along on my servers!

(This booster applies to static pages only for hosting and managing complex applications see “Freelance work”).

Freelance work

contact me

Static pages don’t cut it and the internet got you down? That problem requires custom platform or anything oddly specific to solve? Something like a small internal use app or dashboard system?

I can build you the tools you need (within reason of course), price to be determined based on scope and technical skill required.

Contact me

Want to commission me for some work or ask about details? you can reach me by mail via steve[at]stevetec[dot]de, or on Discord Stevetec#6256. Please note that spam will be ignored and blocked.
I ask those that wish to contact me to refrain from wasting my time, that includes prank-mail, random chatter and other unrelated items.