contact info




I don't want to waste your or my time on stuff that doesn't need it, you should know if your request is reasonable

Public contact channels:


You may contact me if your message meets the contact requirements, a measure put in place to minimize wasted time


If you match these, you may not contact me

If you match these, please get in touch

General CFC

A few classes of mails may be send without the need to reference a CFC or justification (though greatly appreciated):


Things that sound obvious to me but might not for others. That is why i explain them. (they should be deductible by common sense though)

Call for contact

A 'call for contact' is a clearly directed request for others to get in touch, most of the time they carry ether an implicit or sometimes an explicit purpose, a reason to message or a field it's related to.


The CFC:

A hire me link on an 'official' site, slideshow or other medium

What to do now
You do want to hire me

Throw the mail on over. State that you want to hire me and maybe what got you into sending the mail.

You dont want to hire me

Do NOT mail me anything if your use-case/request isn't stated OR and doesn't match the general mail case.

The medium is the message

This should go without saying but a formal request via discord is not going to look that professional. Same goes the other way round.

You should be able to find the correct medium/ channel to poke me from to increase the probability of a return.